Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Rocket

posted by Mr. November

This news deserves posts by Miss October and myself today. So, just a quick note: My good friend, a diehard Red Sox fan, today called Clemens a "5 inning pitcher." Minutes later, he rushed to pick him up in our fantasy league. Need I say more?


Posted By: Miss October

Dear Mr. Clemens,

Thank you for answering our help wanted ad so quickly. This almost makes us forget the fact that Carl Pavano is again most likely done for the season, and that up to now, we have paid him over $16,000 per pitch.

Best Regards,
The New York Yankees

Editor’s note: Welcome back Roger! Your goal to get back in a major league game by June 1 would be perfect timing - as the Yankees will be in Boston that weekend!! And don’t pay attention to the Astros fans who said that you are f ' in crazy to go back to New York.. at least that’s what my friend from Houston called to tell me when she heard the news... They will all get over it.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Let's Play Two!

posted by Mr. November

As I watched the Yankees win game one of a doubleheader against the Texas Rangers this afternoon (despite Mr. Torre's best efforts to blow it; I swear he has a "single white female"-like obsession with Luis Vizcaino), I started to wonder about the shortcomings of the MLB schedule makers.

Back in the day (what day, you ask? I have no clue...I'm only 30), teams played doubleheaders regularly. Now, in 2007, you only see two games in one day if the weather doesn't cooperate. And since MLB begins its season the week after Christmas (well, at least it seems that way), the weather rarely cooperates. What's the best solution to these early-season rain, snow, and cold-outs? Simple...more doubleheaders.

If the schedule-gods had teams play more doubleheaders, and I mean planned doubleheaders, ones factored into the schedules when they are first released, MLB would be able to start their season a bit later. I'm not one of those folks who complains about the season going too long; I have no problem with 162 games, and October (and even sometimes November) baseball makes me smile. But the early season rainouts and games played in football weather are a joke. That's not baseball.

All we need is everyone involved, the teams, the union, and the owners, to agree to play more doubleheaders throughout the season (maybe 2 or 3 per month, starting in May), and we can avoid the early-April weather problems. The season would start a few weeks later, and still end in October. And I don't want to hear about doubleheaders ruining rotations - rainouts can ruin rotations too. More doubleheaders would be a treat for the fans, too.

Where's Ernie Banks when you need him?