Friday, June 20, 2008

Hats Off to Joba...

Posted by: Miss October

Just felt like posting this photo because I loved it....

I heard Joba say in a post-game interview that he tipped his cap and touched his heart while walking off the mound yesterday because he wanted to thank the fans who have been with him every step of the way since being called up to the majors last August.

How can you not love this guy? I hope it works out that he faces the Mets next weekend during the Subway Series, Round 2.....

Friday, June 06, 2008

Hero for a Day

By: Miss October

Ok, this one time, I will give props to Jason Giambi... His stellar Yankee moments are so few and far between, we might as well celebrate his triumphs, as it makes Yankee fans feel like he may have truly earned just a small portion of his ridiculously large contract...

He surprised me yesterday in hitting the walk-off HR which won the game. (Kyle Farnsworthless owes him big time...).. especially when the swing before looked like the "Giambi-esque"overswing and miss, while bending your knee and almost falling over... what a klutz.

Speaking of being a klutz... we should note that Giambi's play at first base has improved "20 times over" last year... at least according to John Sterling. But is that really saying much? What is sadder is that Shelley Duncan is worse.

But, he definitely hasn't won me over... I saw a headline the other day which made me cringe : Giambi a Yankee in 2009? Uggh. Honestly, I've had enough. And get rid of that ridiculous moustache, please.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Best Days Are the Days They Don't Play

by: Mr. November

Lately, simply not losing is a small victory.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Low Quality

by: Mr. November

I'm currently watching one of the worst-played baseball games I have ever seen. Here's what makes it so bad:

1) Phil Hughes - he's a disaster right now. He needs to get sent down, regroup, and come up later once he figures things out.

2) Chris Stewart - he's the worst catcher I've ever seen. He can't stop simple pitches in the dirt and can't figure out how to work out basic hand signals with the genius I mentioned in point #1. The only person worse than him is...

3) Joe Girardi - he's clueless right now, and this game is the perfect example. The Yankees gave up an extra run in the first inning thanks to his benching of Melky (the hottest hitter on the team right now, who also happens to have a right-field quality arm in center field). And, of course, he's the mastermind who decided to help a struggling 21-year old pitcher by starting Stewart behind the plate instead of one of the top defensive catchers in Jose Molina.

4) Jason Giambi - he's more of a disaster than Hughes. He couldn't get a hit if Colonel Tom Parker was his manager. The only thing that makes the Giambi nightmare worse is that Shelley Duncan, his backup, not only looks like Sloth from the Goonies, but he hits like him too. Oh, what about Wilson Betemit, you ask? He has the longest case of pink eye ever. Pink eye? Seriously? Are you 6, Wilson?

This team will not make the playoffs.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Not All Negative...and Jorge too

by: Mr. November

I agree with Miss October's post about Wang. Congrats, Chinny! Though we do need to remember that the last Yankee pitcher to go 5-0 in April was none other than the legendary Kevin Brown - so let's not get too excited.

Right now, the Red Sox look worse than the Yanks, so I'm not ready to write off the Bombers just yet. But please, please, can we put together a winning streak of more than 3 games? Pretty please?

Also, and I love Jorge, but can someone step up and admit that losing him for a long stretch won't hurt as much as it would have in past years? His numbers last season were a result of what I like to call "The Contract Year Flu", and he is a 36 year old catcher. We actually gain defensively behind the plate with Molina, so I'm fine with that. And any lineup that includes Jeter, Arod, Abreu, Matsui, Cano, etc. can afford to lose one big hitter for a while.

The Yanks should be fine once Girardi settles into a lineup he actually likes. 23 different lineups in 25 games? It's like Torre never left - but all the championship rings disappeared.

5-0 !!

By: Miss October

Since Mr. November has been a bit negative lately (I can't rebut any comments about Saturday's game, since I didn't see any of it), I thought I would compose a positive post. With all the troubles the Yankees have had lately, Chien-Ming Wang has quietly gotten off to a perfect 5-0 start. Even though the Indians' out of shape starting pitcher, C.C. Sabathia, only gave up one run, Wang was even better. He had the hitters clueless and fooled.. I'm not sure why they did not react the same way to Wang's pitches in the first round of the playoffs last year... but.. I digress.

Wang's calm composure and efficiency on the mound is not something you find every day. He pitched a gem of a game, yet reacted like he was just doing his job. (Unlike Sabathia, who on at least one occassion, felt the need to pump his fist and yell at one of his strikeout victims). Yes, I realize Joba Chamberlain has also been guilty of this, but, even YES broadcasters Michael Kay and David Cone said Sabathia's animation was way more exaggerated than Chamberlain's. (But, who am I kidding, Joba can do nothing wrong in MY book... )

The one disappointing thing about Wang is that he somehow seems to escape the media. I mean, you see him in the dugout speaking with coaches and teammates.. even laughing and joking, but when it comes to answering reporters questions, he somehow forgets how to speak English. All the other Yankees who do not speak English have translators.. I just don't get it.

In any case, let's hope Wang keeps up the good work so a Yankee takes the mound as the starter of the 2008 All Star Game... in Yankee Stadium. Like it should be!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


by: Mr. November

I didn't get the chance to watch much of the game today, but if the Yankees are watching games on TV in October instead of seeing playoff action, we can point to days like today as the reason.

How does any manager in his right mind sit Cano, Abreu, and Posada in the same game? No one needs a rest yet - it's only April - and Posada has barely played anyway. I know they all ended up pinch hitting, but what kind of rhythm can a team get into if three of its best hitters get benched for no apparent reason?

The team finally gets some decent pitching from one of the young guns, and Girardi tells the offense to take a day off. Confusing...and scary.

Friday, April 25, 2008

J. G.

by: Mr. November

I'm still complaining, but about a different "J. G." this time.

How can Girardi not elect to walk Crede in the 9th inning last night? One out, runner on second, and Joba's facing Crede, one of the White Sox's best hitters and a guy who's batting .356 against righties this year. On deck is Alexei Ramirez, a middle infielder hitting a robust .167 on the season.

You can NEVER let your opponent's best guy beat you. It may be debatable as to whether or not Crede is the "best guy," but he's clearly a great hitter. Walking him in that spot was the obvious choice, and the fact that Girardi didn't make it, honestly, is quite scary.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

(Solid) Gold Glove

by: Mr. November

I know the "Giambino" hit a HR the other night and his bat has been looking better the last couple of games, but his fielding is still atrocious. There was a "smash" hit towards him last night that he felt the need to dive (read: fall over) for.

The analysis was that he couldn't reach it because he was holding the runner on first, which is ridiculous. The ball was about 10 inches to his right. I know he's fat, old, and immobile, but maybe he needs to stretch a bit more if he can't reach 10 inches to either side. Ridiculous.

Vote Teixeira in '09!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My New Raison d'Etre

by: Mr. November

The rest of my posts on this site, at least for the foreseeable future, will be dedicated to getting Jason Giambi removed, Frank Thomas-style, from the New York Yankees.

The man is a disaster. Hank Steinbrenner needs to leave Joba alone and speak out about Jason. His throw during yesterday's game, when the Yankees had Brian Roberts picked off, made me ill. How can a professional baseball player not make a throw to second base? Ridiculous.

All the man is paid to do, basically, is hit. And he can't even come close to doing that any longer. He's currently hitting .109 on the season, a paltry 5-for-46. Two of those hits were HR's, meaning that after 15 games, Giambi only has 3 non-HR hits. The man is making $23.5 million this season, and frankly, I'd rather pay a blind midget the same amount. He couldn't do any worse.

Cut Giambi. Please.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Curses? Is Anyone Else Wondering....

By: Miss October

...whether David Ortiz's disastrous start this season (only three hits in 43 at bats; 0-for his last 17) was caused by his jersey being buried in the foundation of the New Yankee Stadium?

Usually a Yankee-killer, Ortiz looked totally lost at the plate this weekend.... popping up and striking out in key situations.

If Ortiz suddenly breaks out of his slump this week, I will wonder whether we should have left the jersey (and symbolically Ortiz) dead and buried....

Saturday, April 12, 2008


by: Mr. November

Nothing like the first NY/Boston series to get the blogging going again.

Great game last night by Wang, but overall the bats are scaring me. Which leads me to this point:

How can Jason Giambi, hitting .087 on the season, rationalize NOT bunting every time up?

I hear analysts say all the time that he's not paid to bunt, he's up there to hit home runs and get RBI's, but let's be realistic. He's in a lineup with many guys around him who can drive in runs with one swing of the bat. Every time "The Greasy One" comes to the plate, the opposing 3B is playing SS (and even shading towards 2B most times). If Giambi bunted down the third base line, literally, every time he hit, one of two things would happen:

1) He'd bat 1.000 for the season, or

2) Opposing defenses would stop the shift, opening a whole on the right side of the infield, and potentially opening up some more RBI chances in the process.

His job may technically be to hit homeruns, but he's not hitting anything right now. Time to mix it up and have Joe G. bring a little National League to the Bronx.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays.. Always Get Me Down

By: Miss October

I've just returned from my first trip to the Bronx this year, but unfortunately can't report about opening day -- the final one in the current Yankee Stadium. After sitting in the damp, misty, cold weather for about three hours today, the Yankees decided to postpone the game. They kept referencing their 'weather authorities', who at first said things would clear up by 2:30 p.m., but later retratcted that announcement while the Yankee execs "evaluated their options." Gotta love those reliable weather people!!

Tomorrow is also supposed to be miserable during the day, so the game will start at 7 p.m. We decided to sell the tickets since my friend can't make it on Tuesday nights, and going into NYC for a night game during the week is a pain in the neck....

But it's mostly because I have no desire to sit there in the wet, miserable weather two days in a row... I can watch it in the comfort of my own home instead. The least they could have done was announce all the Yankee players... I would have been happy with that!

The few highlights were...

  • Seeing new manager Joe Girardi walk the field with Brian Cashman to evaluate the conditions. Girardi even stopped to sign an autograph on his way back to the dugout.
  • Watching some of the Blue Jays warm up right near our section. They received great applause for taking the field.. and one player even playfully tipped his cap. Another player started throwing balls in the stands... even one up into the upper deck
  • Seeing Michael Kay do a live interview with Paul O'Neill on the scoreboard
  • Watching a 'best of Yankee Stadium' video montage - I'm guessing they will be playing that clip a lot this year
  • The new Yankee Stadium construction -- it's amazing how much progress they have made since last fall -- when all that was there was wooden beams. Now it actually resembles a stadium on the outside. I'm sure the production schedule is pretty agressive from now until the All Star Game... so they can show it off to the world.

I'm going to get all nostalgic like my Dad, who believes the Yankees will win the World Series this year, because all of the Yankee legends -- Ruth, DiMaggio, Mantle, Maris -- will all be "playing" in games this year... having their last hurrah....

Maybe they're the ones causing all the rain -- as they shed tears for the final baseball season that will be played in the place they once called home... Yankee Stadium... the House that Ruth built.

Three Stooges

by: Mr. November

In the 3rd and 4th innings of last night's Nationals/Braves game, ESPN added an extra a-hole to their usual broadcasting team of Joe Morgan and John Miller. They all got to make some mistakes:

Joe Morgan called Dmitiri Young "Delmon" in an interview with Manny Acta

John Miller...well, he's just John Miller.

And the third "guest broadcaster" marched a country into a 5-year war under false pretenses. Oh, and he also traded Sammy Sosa.

Monday, March 24, 2008

2008 Predictions

by Mr. November

I love DJ as much as the next guy, but it's time to move that pic a bit lower down on the site.

Here are my predictions for the 2008 baseball season.

AL East
1 Yankees
2 Red Sox
3 Rays
4 Blue Jays
5 Orioles

AL Central
1 Tigers
2 Indians
3 White Sox
4 Royals
5 Twins

AL West
1 Mariners
2 Angels
3 A's
4 Rangers

Very tempted to pick the Yankees to miss the playoffs this year, but I can't really do that, can I? I say they catch lightning in a bottle with the young arms and take the division. Wild card goes to the Red Sox.

NL East
1 Mets
2 Phillies
3 Braves
4 Marlins
5 Nationals

NL Central
1 Cubs
2 Brewers
3 Cardinals
4 Reds
5 Astros
6 Pirates

NL West
1 Padres
2 Rockies
3 Diamondbacks
4 Dodgers
5 Giants

Johan Santana wins 23 games for the Mets in the East, but Mr. Torre isn't enough to get the pitching-less Dodgers over the hump out West. Brewers take the wild card.

AL Champ - Yanks
NL Champ - Cubs
World Champs - Cubs (100 years of heartbreak down the drain for Cubbies fans)

AL MVP - A-Rod
NL MVP - Prince Fielder
AL Cy Young - Erik Bedard
NL Cy Young - Johan Santana

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Introducing Women's Health Magazine's 'Hottie of the Month'

Posted by: Miss October

Derek Jeter is profiled in the April issue of Women's Health Magazine as their "Hottie of the Month". (Read the article).

Although Mr. November is probably correct in saying that about 10 publicists helped him craft the responses, you still gotta find them entertaining.... One of the most amusing:

Q: What's the one thing about men that you think women need to know?
A: How difficult it is for a man to approach a woman! Everyone fears rejection.

To use one of Michael Kay's over-used expressions... Are you kidding me? Do believe for one second that Derek Jeter fears rejection? Just read the beginning of the story that lists Jeter's former flames... which some people have called "sickening."

Whenever my Dad sees Jeter laughing on TV.. he always makes a comment -- of course he's laughing ! Look at all the money he makes and the life he leads!" I guess I can't really argue.

What I will say is that the " independent, intelligent, driven, and happy" woman he is looking for is of course writing this blog... she also loves American Idol and watching DVDs... look for her in section 22, seat 2 (note all the number 2's... !) on Opening Day.... and several Sundays throughout the season ... :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What $16,000 Can Buy....

Posted by: Miss October

Just like my two sisters and I ... my mom is also in-tune with all the Yankee happenings. She left me a message Tuesday morning to alert me of the following...

"I heard on the news that people are selling their tickets for the final home game at Yankee Stadium on StubHub for $16,000.... if you and Jason sell your tickets, you might be able to pay for a package for the next 10 years!"

The final REGULAR SEASON home game in the current Yankee Stadium is scheduled for Sunday, September 21. I've had a Sunday season ticket package with a friend from college since 2002 -- so, that means this game is included. I may be away for business that weekend -- but there IS a 7 a.m. flight home Sunday morning if I decide to go to the game --I've already checked ! However, part of me is being a bit greedy and wondering how much we could sell our tickets for (Note, they are on the first level, down the left field line, in between third base and left field -- pretty nice seats, if you ask me. I still can't believe it's the last year I will sit in them... sniff... sniff.)

Honestly, if the Yankees make the playoffs -- which I'm assuming they will -- this game will not be the last one played in the Stadium anyway, so what is the big deal?

Regardless, it made me think about what might have to be included in order for me to pay $16,000 for a ticket for one game.... off the top of my head...

1) Watching the game from the dugout -- on Derek Jeter's lap
2) Being the team masseuse for a day
3) Singing a duet with Joba Chamberlain in the bullpen, kareoke style (preferably his Motley Crue 'Shout at the Devil' theme song.)
4) Playing Sony PlayStation with some of the other young Yankee pitchers (Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy)
5)Going clothes shopping with Arod
5)Helping Mike Mussina with a crossword puzzle
6)Getting a forearm smash from Shelley Duncan
7)Getting dance lessons from Johnny Damon (he once showed off his best 'robot' dance on ESPN!)
8)Learning Japanese from Hideki Matsui
9)Studying the Bible with Andy Pettitte... Well... maybe I would skip that one....
10) Riding on the back of Jason Giambi's motorcycle

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Theo, please!

by Mr. November

Theo Epstein called Mike Mussina a "bad seed" today, seemingly for complaining about the Yanks' trip to Japan three seasons ago.

I'm not sure why Theo would do this, other than out of pure boredom. Maybe his Xbox is busted and he can't play "Dance, Dance Revolution". Or maybe he had too much homework and felt like lashing out at an adult. What's most likely is he's a small boy who wishes he was a player instead of a flunkie who's at the beck-and-call of rich adults (who can seemingly hire and fire him at will, mind you); not to mention the fact that he works for a group of businessmen who, most likely, still have George Mitchell in their pockets.

Whatever the reason, Theo, shut your damn mouth.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Can You Retire Infinity?

posted by Mr. November

1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 23, 32, 37, (42), 44, and 49

Nope, this list doesn't represent a question from the analytical portion of the SAT. It's a list of the numbers currently retired by the Yankees. The 8 is there twice for, of course, Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey. The 42 is in parentheses because it's Jackie Robinson's number, retired by every team in the majors. Of course, it's also Mariano's number, so whenever he retires, expect the 8 to no longer be the only duplicate - the Yanks don't like to make legends share.

The subject of retired numbers came up recently when my esteemed co-blogger brought to my attention the fact that her father thinks the Yankees have retired too many numbers and that, quite frankly, some of the numbers that have been retired don't deserve that honor.

Of the 16 players the above numbers represent (not counting the 42 just yet), I can personally say I've seen only 4 in my lifetime. One of those 4, Billy Martin (#1), I only saw as a manager, but that counts, seeing as the basis for retirement of a number is being a Yankee "legend," not necessarily being a "legendary" player. But, that doesn't mean I don't have an opinion about all 16 as a whole.

Without going into statistical specifics or individual arguments, I will sum it all up by saying - each and every one of those numbers deserves to be retired. On top of that, numbers 2, 6, 21, the second 42, and 51 should (and probably will) also be retired some day. Add to that number 13 (assuming the wearer of that number isn't disgruntled 3 years from now and gets traded) and we will be us to 21. And that's only a reasonable estimate; I'm not making the quantum leap and including all the youngsters and potential stars 20 years from now.

Why should all those numbers be retired? Why not? I don't believe that retiring one number lessens the honor for all the other numbers. Each player to wear those respective uniform numbers did something and (and/or off) the field to warrant forever being enshrined in the Yankee Stadium hall of fame. Just because some players did substantially more than others, and some had a great historical impact than others, doesn't mean they don't deserve the honor.

There was a time when I'm sure no one in the organization would have thought that 1 and 44 would be retired. Billy Martin and Reggie Jackson were never big fans of The Boss, and vice versa. But their impacts were honored (Martin's untimely death may have hastened the retiring of #1, but it would have happened anyway). The same can be said for 15 - one can assume that it would have been retired anyway if Thurman Munson's Yankee career had continued along the path it was following, but losing him unexpectedly should pushed the process along.

As for the "questionable" guys (from what I hear, #49 is tops on the aforementioned dad's radar screen), in short, they all deserve it. (Shameful stat alert: all #49 did was win 20 games three times, played his entire career as a Yankee, won a Cy Young award, and pretty much single-handedly brought a World Series title to the Bronx in 1978.) And they all deserve it because they played the hearts out for a team that took the time to honor them for it.

Retiring a number doesn't water down the honor, it keeps the honor in tact.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For What It's Worth...

Posted by: Miss October

Jason Giambi signs baseballs for fans at spring training while wearing a sweatshirt that says "Wasted Space."

He got paid $23.4 million last year for 254 at-bats and a .236 batting average.

I'm just sayin'..... (couldn't help but use lingo from

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Signs of Spring...

Posted by: Miss October

Nothing beats the winter blues better than seeing the first signs of activity in spring training. Currently, pitchers and catchers and a few other ambitious position players are taking to the field to try to shake that off-season rust. It's a nice sight -- since all the recent baseball coverage the past week or so has taken place at a Senate hearing.

For the Yankees, 2008 is a year of new beginnings. It will take some time to get used to not seeing Joe Torre in the dugout... but I'm excited about the change. The bittersweet part of this year will be the final year of the current Yankee Stadium.... I still have mixed feelings about that. We'll see how I feel when I'll be sitting there for my final Opening Day in the Stadium on March 31.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Goose Does Letterman's Top 10

Posted by: Miss October

This seems to be turning into a Goose shrine.. (just wait until April, when it becomes the Joba fan site ! ;) ... but I thought this was entertaining and worth posting.

Goose presented the Top 10 List on Letterman last night.... thank goodness Letterman has his writing staff back. Watch the video...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008
Top Ten Things Goose Gossage Can Say Now That He's Been Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame presented by Rich "Goose" Gossage

10. "Today's contracts are ridiculous -- the most I made in a season: 800 bucks"
9. "I traded my 1978 'Rolaids Reliever of the Year' award for a banjo"
8. "My real name is Goose Gossagestein"
7. "This facial hair makes me look cool. Letterman's made him look like a drifter"
6. "I'm retired, but I still wear a cup"
5."In 1979, I recorded the novelty single, 'Disco Goose'"
4."Now maybe my neighbor will shut up about his bowling trophies"
3."To psych myself up for a game, I'd listen to the soundtrack of 'My Fair Lady'"
2."After recording the last out of the 1978 Yankees-Red Sox playoff, I kissed Bucky Dent on the mouth"
1."The only thing I ever tested positive for was being a flame-throwin' sum'bitch"

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Congrats x2

by: Mr. November

First off, I would like to commend Miss October for a very timely entry, and for being the first of the two of us to post a personal photo.

Second, instead of writing about steroids and accusations flung between angry pitchers and creepy trainers, I just want to congratulate Mr. Gossage on his HOF induction. Maybe someday Donnie Baseball will join you in Cooperstown, Goose.

Welcome to the Hall, Goose.......

Posted by: Miss October

After nine tries, former Yankee closer Rich “Goose” Gossage was finally elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Although I only remember watching him on TV during his later years – not his true Yankee “glory days,” I’ve seen him on tons of specials and Old Timers Days and of course the YES Network Yankeeography. From what my Dad tells me, no one could match him, and his Hall of Fame induction today was long overdue.

His bushy moustache can’t be mistaken in public, which makes him easily recognizable to most Yankee fans (at least I’m guessing that is the case.) A few years ago, I went to a Matchbox Twenty concert and prior to the show, as my friend and I grabbed something to eat near the concession stands, I spotted the Goose there – of all places! I wasn’t sure if it was him, but I kept staring... My friend Lori noticed I had a strange look on my face....

"Ok, who's here that you know?"
"I think that guy over there played for the Yankees... but why would he be here? I don't think he lives around here or anything..." I said.
"Do you remember his name?"
"He went by 'Goose' Gossage when he played."
"I remember him ... I think I had his baseball card back when my brother and I would collect them," Lori said. "Do you know his real name? Go up and ask him!"
"Yeah... it's Rich... but I don't want to bother him..."

After a couple of minutes, I decided to go over and say hi -- even though he was in the middle of eating a hot dog.

I went up and asked “Is your name Rich?”
“Yes, do I know you?” he asked.
“No, but I know who you are…. I just had to ask, or else my Dad would have been mad at me.”
“Do I know your Dad?”
“No, but I know who you are,” I said, not wanting to make a scene.
“I’m sorry, I still don’t know who you are,” he said, with a very puzzled look. He actually seemed a bit embarrassed!

After this amusing exchange, I explained that I of course knew that he was a pitcher for the Yankees. He then looked at me strangely and asked “How old are you?” …which made me laugh. I then told him how I remember my Dad telling me how when he went to see the Yankees in a playoff game, he sat right near home plate, and when Goose was on the mound, he pitched so fast he couldn’t see the ball.

Without missing a beat, Goose replied… “It’s amazing what you can do when you’re scared to death!”

It turns out Goose was there with a friend who knew members of the band (my friend and I of course hoped that our new ‘friend’ would invite us to come backstage with them, but alas, there would only be one celebrity encounter that night)… We talked for about 20 minutes, about the game, and what he’s doing now. The coolest thing was, no one else recognized him. I asked him if anyone else had come up to him, and he quipped, “look how young these kids are! They have no idea who I am!”

Goose graciously posed for a picture with me and offered to buy Lori and I some food or drink... (as you can see in the picture, I let him buy me a water!) I immediately called my Dad afterwards to tell him about my run-in, which he thought was awesome. I think I may actually send a congratulatory note and see if I can get him to sign and send back the photo we took. I’m not sure if he’ll remember the encounter, but, it’s something I won’t ever forget… It’s nice when good things happen to good people.