Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Low Quality

by: Mr. November

I'm currently watching one of the worst-played baseball games I have ever seen. Here's what makes it so bad:

1) Phil Hughes - he's a disaster right now. He needs to get sent down, regroup, and come up later once he figures things out.

2) Chris Stewart - he's the worst catcher I've ever seen. He can't stop simple pitches in the dirt and can't figure out how to work out basic hand signals with the genius I mentioned in point #1. The only person worse than him is...

3) Joe Girardi - he's clueless right now, and this game is the perfect example. The Yankees gave up an extra run in the first inning thanks to his benching of Melky (the hottest hitter on the team right now, who also happens to have a right-field quality arm in center field). And, of course, he's the mastermind who decided to help a struggling 21-year old pitcher by starting Stewart behind the plate instead of one of the top defensive catchers in Jose Molina.

4) Jason Giambi - he's more of a disaster than Hughes. He couldn't get a hit if Colonel Tom Parker was his manager. The only thing that makes the Giambi nightmare worse is that Shelley Duncan, his backup, not only looks like Sloth from the Goonies, but he hits like him too. Oh, what about Wilson Betemit, you ask? He has the longest case of pink eye ever. Pink eye? Seriously? Are you 6, Wilson?

This team will not make the playoffs.

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