Friday, April 25, 2008

J. G.

by: Mr. November

I'm still complaining, but about a different "J. G." this time.

How can Girardi not elect to walk Crede in the 9th inning last night? One out, runner on second, and Joba's facing Crede, one of the White Sox's best hitters and a guy who's batting .356 against righties this year. On deck is Alexei Ramirez, a middle infielder hitting a robust .167 on the season.

You can NEVER let your opponent's best guy beat you. It may be debatable as to whether or not Crede is the "best guy," but he's clearly a great hitter. Walking him in that spot was the obvious choice, and the fact that Girardi didn't make it, honestly, is quite scary.

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