Monday, April 28, 2008

5-0 !!

By: Miss October

Since Mr. November has been a bit negative lately (I can't rebut any comments about Saturday's game, since I didn't see any of it), I thought I would compose a positive post. With all the troubles the Yankees have had lately, Chien-Ming Wang has quietly gotten off to a perfect 5-0 start. Even though the Indians' out of shape starting pitcher, C.C. Sabathia, only gave up one run, Wang was even better. He had the hitters clueless and fooled.. I'm not sure why they did not react the same way to Wang's pitches in the first round of the playoffs last year... but.. I digress.

Wang's calm composure and efficiency on the mound is not something you find every day. He pitched a gem of a game, yet reacted like he was just doing his job. (Unlike Sabathia, who on at least one occassion, felt the need to pump his fist and yell at one of his strikeout victims). Yes, I realize Joba Chamberlain has also been guilty of this, but, even YES broadcasters Michael Kay and David Cone said Sabathia's animation was way more exaggerated than Chamberlain's. (But, who am I kidding, Joba can do nothing wrong in MY book... )

The one disappointing thing about Wang is that he somehow seems to escape the media. I mean, you see him in the dugout speaking with coaches and teammates.. even laughing and joking, but when it comes to answering reporters questions, he somehow forgets how to speak English. All the other Yankees who do not speak English have translators.. I just don't get it.

In any case, let's hope Wang keeps up the good work so a Yankee takes the mound as the starter of the 2008 All Star Game... in Yankee Stadium. Like it should be!

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