Monday, April 28, 2008

Not All Negative...and Jorge too

by: Mr. November

I agree with Miss October's post about Wang. Congrats, Chinny! Though we do need to remember that the last Yankee pitcher to go 5-0 in April was none other than the legendary Kevin Brown - so let's not get too excited.

Right now, the Red Sox look worse than the Yanks, so I'm not ready to write off the Bombers just yet. But please, please, can we put together a winning streak of more than 3 games? Pretty please?

Also, and I love Jorge, but can someone step up and admit that losing him for a long stretch won't hurt as much as it would have in past years? His numbers last season were a result of what I like to call "The Contract Year Flu", and he is a 36 year old catcher. We actually gain defensively behind the plate with Molina, so I'm fine with that. And any lineup that includes Jeter, Arod, Abreu, Matsui, Cano, etc. can afford to lose one big hitter for a while.

The Yanks should be fine once Girardi settles into a lineup he actually likes. 23 different lineups in 25 games? It's like Torre never left - but all the championship rings disappeared.

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