Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What $16,000 Can Buy....

Posted by: Miss October

Just like my two sisters and I ... my mom is also in-tune with all the Yankee happenings. She left me a message Tuesday morning to alert me of the following...

"I heard on the news that people are selling their tickets for the final home game at Yankee Stadium on StubHub for $16,000.... if you and Jason sell your tickets, you might be able to pay for a package for the next 10 years!"

The final REGULAR SEASON home game in the current Yankee Stadium is scheduled for Sunday, September 21. I've had a Sunday season ticket package with a friend from college since 2002 -- so, that means this game is included. I may be away for business that weekend -- but there IS a 7 a.m. flight home Sunday morning if I decide to go to the game --I've already checked ! However, part of me is being a bit greedy and wondering how much we could sell our tickets for (Note, they are on the first level, down the left field line, in between third base and left field -- pretty nice seats, if you ask me. I still can't believe it's the last year I will sit in them... sniff... sniff.)

Honestly, if the Yankees make the playoffs -- which I'm assuming they will -- this game will not be the last one played in the Stadium anyway, so what is the big deal?

Regardless, it made me think about what might have to be included in order for me to pay $16,000 for a ticket for one game.... off the top of my head...

1) Watching the game from the dugout -- on Derek Jeter's lap
2) Being the team masseuse for a day
3) Singing a duet with Joba Chamberlain in the bullpen, kareoke style (preferably his Motley Crue 'Shout at the Devil' theme song.)
4) Playing Sony PlayStation with some of the other young Yankee pitchers (Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy)
5)Going clothes shopping with Arod
5)Helping Mike Mussina with a crossword puzzle
6)Getting a forearm smash from Shelley Duncan
7)Getting dance lessons from Johnny Damon (he once showed off his best 'robot' dance on ESPN!)
8)Learning Japanese from Hideki Matsui
9)Studying the Bible with Andy Pettitte... Well... maybe I would skip that one....
10) Riding on the back of Jason Giambi's motorcycle

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