Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Introducing Women's Health Magazine's 'Hottie of the Month'

Posted by: Miss October

Derek Jeter is profiled in the April issue of Women's Health Magazine as their "Hottie of the Month". (Read the article).

Although Mr. November is probably correct in saying that about 10 publicists helped him craft the responses, you still gotta find them entertaining.... One of the most amusing:

Q: What's the one thing about men that you think women need to know?
A: How difficult it is for a man to approach a woman! Everyone fears rejection.

To use one of Michael Kay's over-used expressions... Are you kidding me? Do believe for one second that Derek Jeter fears rejection? Just read the beginning of the story that lists Jeter's former flames... which some people have called "sickening."

Whenever my Dad sees Jeter laughing on TV.. he always makes a comment -- of course he's laughing ! Look at all the money he makes and the life he leads!" I guess I can't really argue.

What I will say is that the " independent, intelligent, driven, and happy" woman he is looking for is of course writing this blog... she also loves American Idol and watching DVDs... look for her in section 22, seat 2 (note all the number 2's... !) on Opening Day.... and several Sundays throughout the season ... :)

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Great site, FT! Hope you're well.