Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Theo, please!

by Mr. November

Theo Epstein called Mike Mussina a "bad seed" today, seemingly for complaining about the Yanks' trip to Japan three seasons ago.

I'm not sure why Theo would do this, other than out of pure boredom. Maybe his Xbox is busted and he can't play "Dance, Dance Revolution". Or maybe he had too much homework and felt like lashing out at an adult. What's most likely is he's a small boy who wishes he was a player instead of a flunkie who's at the beck-and-call of rich adults (who can seemingly hire and fire him at will, mind you); not to mention the fact that he works for a group of businessmen who, most likely, still have George Mitchell in their pockets.

Whatever the reason, Theo, shut your damn mouth.

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