Friday, June 06, 2008

Hero for a Day

By: Miss October

Ok, this one time, I will give props to Jason Giambi... His stellar Yankee moments are so few and far between, we might as well celebrate his triumphs, as it makes Yankee fans feel like he may have truly earned just a small portion of his ridiculously large contract...

He surprised me yesterday in hitting the walk-off HR which won the game. (Kyle Farnsworthless owes him big time...).. especially when the swing before looked like the "Giambi-esque"overswing and miss, while bending your knee and almost falling over... what a klutz.

Speaking of being a klutz... we should note that Giambi's play at first base has improved "20 times over" last year... at least according to John Sterling. But is that really saying much? What is sadder is that Shelley Duncan is worse.

But, he definitely hasn't won me over... I saw a headline the other day which made me cringe : Giambi a Yankee in 2009? Uggh. Honestly, I've had enough. And get rid of that ridiculous moustache, please.

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