Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jumping the Gun?

Posted By: Miss October

With only about two weeks left in the regular season, I realize that the Yankees are a long shot to win the AL East –honestly, after the trials and tribulations of this past year, I’m thrilled that they are still playing meaningful games at this point in the season. Radio personalities across the dial (even the extremely loyal John Sterling) indicated that after Saturday’s loss to the Red Sox, the Yankees should basically forget about winning the division and only focus on securing the wild card.

With a Red Sox loss last night, the Yankees are only 3 ½ games out, with 12 to play. The Boston Globe reported today that Red Sox “ace” "Daisuke Matsuzaka’s next start has been bumped back until Saturday as the Sox align their rotation for the playoffs (and give Matsuzaka an extra three days' rest)." I’m not sure it makes sense to take Dice K out of his normal cycle of pitching days/off days so close to the post-season – especially when starters are often called upon to pitch on short rest during short playoff series.

In any case, it will be interesting to see just how “hungry” Francona is to win the division, if the Yankees keep creeping closer. He might actually persuade Manny to play in a game before the end of the season, instead of just “leaving it up to him.”

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