Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A.J. to the Rescue...

Posted by: Miss October

A.J. Burnett's stellar outing was just what the doctor ordered... although I didn't watch much of the game itself. Since I was out and hadn't watched the first 5 innings, logic (or more like silly superstitions) made me not really watch the next few innings either , but rather "keep an eye on" the game. I was watching American Idol on my DVR, but left the game channel on so I could rewind it.. just in case. Oh well, the no-no just wasn't meant to be. A simliar system of me swithching rooms every half inning during the later parts of David Cone's perfect game was obviously the reason he was successful in his quest for perfection!

Other random note from last night's game... John Sterling's nickname for Nick Swisher is "Jolly 'Ol Saint Nick".. at least that's what he uses in his home run silly.

4 p.m. game today before tomorrow's home opener.. (Is it just me, or does it feel like they have been playing a long time already?) Due to the Yankee execs re-shuffling of their ticket packages, it's the first time I'll be missing an Opening Day since 2002... but at least I'll be there during the first home stand... first visit this Sunday.

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