Monday, August 21, 2006

Broadcast Team I’d Like to See ... John Sterling and ESPN’s Jon Miller

Posted By: Miss October

I know that lots of Yankee fans complain that ESPN announcers have a bias against the Yankees. My Dad has echoed that sentiment for years – claiming that Joe Morgan “hates” the team. I’m fairly certain this is because my Dad still holds hard feelings toward Morgan due to the 1976 World Series when Morgan, as part of the Cincinnati Reds’ Big Red Machine, swept the Yankees in four games.

When the Yankees play on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, although it’s usually a good matchup, the downside is having to listen to Joe Morgan, and his broadcast partner, Jon Miller. I hadn’t paid much attention to Miller’s comments in the past, until last night when repeated ranting about a David Ortiz home run went on for about 10 minutes… accompanied by a replay of the home run at least five times.

A sampling:

“a colossal home run”
“that one would have gone over the top of Mount Washington” – (which I had to look up – it’s in New Hampshire)
“If you had HDTV, you would have been able to watch this amazing home run in high definition.”

I also caught a soundbyte of the Yankees radio broadcast in the bottom of the 9th inning, when David Ortiz was on second base with no outs, and the Yankees decided to intentionally walk Manny Ramirez. This causes a loud round of boos from the Fenway faithful.

John Sterling, in one of his usual rants:

“I can’t believe these people are booing...
How STUPID can you be?
Pitch to Manny... what are you NUTS?
That run means NOTHING….”

I had to laugh to myself. One, because he sounded like an idiot; two because I was happy a sportscaster was on the “good guys’ side” for once…

With that said, Mariano Rivera’s “amazing” performance that enabled him to get out of a bases loaded, one out jam in the bottom of the 9th did not receive any type of verbal recognition by Miller. Even “Yankee hater” Joe Morgan caved in and said what we already know…

Mariano is “the man.”

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