Wednesday, August 30, 2006

An Ode to Carl Pavano

Posted By: Miss October

Oh Carl Pavano, where have you gone?
We expected so much more when you signed on
They aired your press conference live on TV
Who would have known what a disappointment you’d be?

The Yanks signed a young pitcher … getting their wish
They remembered how good he was with the Fish
What happened to that man, no one knows
Those days are long gone, as recent history shows

Arm troubles, stiffness, falling on his butt
He’s being paid his $39 million contract – for what?
What he’s been doing all this time nobody knows
They should have made him a batboy or had him wash clothes

They thought he was ready for more rehab, but that all changed
When he crashed his shiny Porsche in the rain
He thought he was fine, telling the Yanks a big fib
When in reality he had cracked two of his ribs

Now Cashman is mad and at his wit’s end
And Pavano can’t call any of the Yankees his friends
His Yankee “career” has just been a wreck
Except for his pizza-making segment on “Kids on Deck” ...

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