Tuesday, October 09, 2007


by: Mr. November

That should have been the score in the 3 games the Yankees lost to the Indians in the ALDS. 9-0 is the "official" score of a forfeited game, and the Bombers played like they were forfeiting.

Lifeless, listless, powerless, and with little pitching, the Yankees swung and missed at every opportunity and double-played their way out of the postseason. Chien-Ming Wang failed to show any heart TWICE, and Roger Clemens had no business taking the mound in the first place. Throughout the entire series, Yankee bats did nothing of note.

All the while, Joe Torre sat stoic, seemingly resigned to his (and the team's fate). One look into the Yankee dugout last night, even as the team attempted rally after rally, showed the players not standing against the dugout fence, anticipating every pitch. Instead, they sat back, on the bench, looking as uninterested as a 15-year old skateboarder sitting in chemistry class.

The time has indeed come for a change, and rightfully so. Howard Bryant of ESPN.com puts it best, so no need for me to try and rehash his words. Let's leave it at this - 2008, new year, new team, completely new look.

I, for one, welcome it.

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