Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wish Lists

by: Mr. November

Here are my short lists for a new manager and new 3B, in no particular order:


Don Mattingly

Joe Girardi

Dallas Green (just to see him make Joba throw 170 pitches in his second career start, and then just so the fans can tear him a new one)

Casey Stengel (prop him up and let's roll)

Montgomery C. Burns (hey, he won a softball championship once)


My dad

Miss October's dad

Miss October

Billy Martin (see: Casey Stengel)

Anyone who can last more than 2 years or until a new owner takes over, if you know what I mean


Mike Pagliarulo

Scott Brosius

Craig Nettles

Hensley Muelens (I just want to hear the Bleacher Creatures shout out a "Bam-Bam" roll call)

Mike Lowell (this may actually happen)

Miguel Cabrera (this won't)

Josh Wang (3B on my softball team; believe it or not, he's not Asian)

Anyone who doesn't make in one year the equivalent of a small country's GDP for 100 years, yet who can get a big hit when it matters

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