Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Paul O’Neill - Livin' On a Prayer

Posted By: Miss October

On Saturday night, I went to the final of 10 Bon Jovi concerts held over the past few weeks to mark the opening of the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. We had great seats thanks to an ‘inside’ connection and my sisters and I joked that it would be amazing if Paul O’Neill was sitting in our section. I’m not sure if many Yankee fans know how big a Bon Jovi fan Paul O’Neill is… or perhaps it’s his wife Nevalee who drags him to all the shows. I had seen him (from afar) on two different occasions (at Giants Stadium and Madison Square Garden) and read on the Bon Jovi Web site (yes, I’ll admit to reading it) we were at two other concerts “together.”

While on Saturday night it was a running joke that we would see him – I had my friend email her “inside connection” where Paul O’Neill was sitting just to be funny – I only half believed that he would make the trip out to the East coast during the off-season to attend the show. When my sister told me she saw him on TV Friday night attending the Joe Torre Safe at Home benefit – I had no doubt he and Nevalee would be there! I even joked to Mr. November that I would let him know if there was a sighting..

While my youngest sister headed down to our seats to watch the opening act, the rest of us had a drink at the new Ice Bar. A few minutes later we get a text from my sister advising us that Paul O’Neill and Nevalee were in fact at the show… Unfortunately, they were standing on the side of the stage, so we couldn’t go over to say hello, and they were ushered backstage after the opening act finished their set. They re-emerged however, later in the show at the opposite end of the arena on the side of the stage. Now we were able to witness Nevalee singing along – even knowing the words to the some of the lesser known songs – and, as my sister said – “She’s loving every minute of it!!” Paulie wasn’t quite as enthusiastic, bopping his head around and sending a text message or two during the performance. Yes, we did use binoculars to witness Paul O’Neill rocking out – Jersey style!

You can make him and Nevelee out in the photo posted above -- although it's not quite TMZ.com quality.. next time!

Check back for an upcoming post regarding another encounter with a Yankee legend at a rock concert.. this time I actually talked to the guy for about 20 minutes... (I swear, it's true!)

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