Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hot Stove Stuff

by: Mr. November

It's difficult for me to not bring up the little bit of Carl Pavano news that I just read on the ticker to the right of this page. But, since typing his name makes me throw up in my mouth just a little, I will refrain and instead give my two cents about this whole ongoing Johan Santana fiasco.

And yes, I do mean fiasco. First let me say that if the Twins do indeed deal Santana (to any team), they deserve a decade of 100 loss seasons. They have two of the best pitchers in the game, with Santana and Francisco Liriano, and if they have to deal one because of money, they don't deserve to be a functioning team in 2008. SPEND SOME MONEY!!!

If the Yanks could get Santana for Hughes, Melky, and a couple of minor leaguers, I'd be all for it. No doubt I love Melky and Hughes could certainly turn into something special, but if you can get a 29 year old Cy Young winner for a defense-first CF'er and an unproven, if young, pitcher, you do it. But I have to hand it to Hank, at least so far.

As it stands now, Johan is still a Twin, and Hank's little deadline ultimatum seems to be in tact. I'm not sure if any opposing GM necessarily finds Hank easy to work with (I wouldn't), but this time I'm on his side. Giving up more than Melky and Hughes for Santana would have been silly. Yes, Santana would still most likely be a dominant pitcher, but the new Yankee approach of holding onto young arms is the better way to go. Santana's a #1 now, but the Yanks could, in theory, have three #1's in their rotation right now. And they are all under 23. That's a nice position to be in, no doubt.

We all know how Hank's ultimatum worked out with Arod, so never say never. Santana could be a Yankee by the time I publish this post. But, as of now, I'm sort of glad that he isn't.

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