Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lessons Learned?

Posted By: Miss October

The emergence of Chien-Ming Wang as the ace of the Yankee staff over the past couple of years should hopefully serve as a shining example of the great things that can happen if you show patience with minor league prospects, giving them plenty of time to mature, gain experience, and become great pitchers. What's unique is that Wang has done so ever so quietly, just doing his job and staying under the radar. Many may not remember that Wang was a 19 game winner last year and runner up to the Cy Young voting. It proves that sometimes the "quiet, effective" types end up being the best performers.

Wang is a refreshing switch for this Yankee team, which has spent much of the last decade signing older, big-name superstars hoping they would deliver masterful performances as a member of the Yankees. As fans know all too well, it hasn't always worked outl. Do Kevin Brown, Carl Pavano and Randy Johnson ring a bell?

Let's hope the Yankee higher-ups keep the "youth movement" in mind in the years to come. With so many rookie starters this season, they haven't really had a choice. Maybe there will actually come a time when they are all healthy, and gradually work their way into the Yankee starting rotation.

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