Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rocket Re-Launched

Posted by: Miss October

It's been awhile since Mr. November and I have posted to what has become an occassionally-updated blog... I will give ourselves a pass this time, however, because our Yankee team did not provide much reason to write about them during the month of May...

However, it seems as if the team now has a snap in its step, Bobby Abreu has learned how to hit again, and the pitching staff is starting to get filled up with familiar names instead of having the last two starting spots being filled by Rookie A, Rookie B, or Rookie C as they have been for what seems like an eternity.

Roger Clemens' first outing was encouraging -- it was great to see him get through six innings. Yes, I am taking into consideration that he was facing the NL-Pirates, but you have to start somewhere. It was nice to see some emotion on the mound, to mix things up a bit. Pitchers like Wang, Mussina and even Pettitte are more reserved in their 'celebrations' .. if you could call them that....

I will try my best to post a few more items before I go away for a week's vacation.. and I will challenge Mr. November to keep this blog going the week I am gone :)

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