Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Things that Make You go Hmmm....

It's always amusing to observe the different kinds and incarnations of Yankee gear worn by devoted fans while at Yankee Stadium..

You have Yankee gear in a variety of colors.. ranging from green Yankee hats to red Yankee hats to unbelievably girly pink Yankee hats (you will never catch ME wearing pink Yankee gear!).

Then you have the people who spend their hard-earned money on expensive "authentic" jerseys. What boggles my mind is the people who will purchase an "authentic" looking Yankee pinstriped Jersey with the name of a player printed on the back -- which automatically makes it "unauthentic."

The amusing sight this past Sunday was the "jersey" I spotted while waiting for the subway. It was an "authentic" Yankee jersey with the number 36 and the last name "Gordon" on the back.

I still can't decide which is more amusing -- the fact that someone actually paid money for a Tom Gordon jersey, or that the person still wears it.

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